Answered Prayers!

Answered Prayer (named from the testimonies) is excited to be the first medical grade/organic high potency CBD suppository made in America! Formulated for the world famous Hope 4 Cancer clinics (one of the largest non-toxic cancer clinics/hospitals in the world). Dr. Tony Jimenez started us on this journey February last year to make a product for use in these clinics. Each batch of our product is lab analyzed proving the potency and terpene results as well as the absence of heavy metal content, pesticides, and residual solvents that are found in other CBD products. For safe and effective dosage we administer hemp oil in a suppository because three times the amount of oils are absorbed into the blood compared to oral administration providing a full and certain dose.

Evening Ceremony Suppository

Answered Prayer now offers our Evening Ceremony Suppository with 250mg of CBD oil per dose. The CBD molecules are encapsulated in a phospholipid form which allows instant transportation throughout the body and blood brain barrier. Our product is sourced 100% organic and is lab tested to prove no harmful pesticides, metals, or residual toxins are present in your product as well as proves CBD and terpene results. Refrigerate before use with the indicating arrow pointing up and plan on being in bed within thirty minutes of administration. Thank you for your interest with Answered Prayer and have a blessed Evening Ceremony.


Benefits Of Our Product

Premium Quality

Each suppository contains 250mg of pure Cannabidiol (CBD) which is the most prevalent chemical compound found in hemp oil.

Ready to Use

Fast a easy administration with a self contained lubricating design.

100% Natural Ingridients

Organic Cocounut Oil, 100% Full Spectrum Hemp Oils, Lecithin.


Our hemp oil comes in the phospholipid form of liposomals which rapidly allows more than three times the amount of bioavailable absorption into the blood, when administered rectally or vaginally, compared to oral consumption.

Quality Control

Every product comes with a scan code which opens a link to the lab analysis proving the potency and terpene results as well as the absence of heavy metal content, pesticides, and residual solvents.

Shelf Life

Stored at room temperature, our product will remain stable for two years. Before use keep refrigerated with indicating arrow facing up.

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